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At Bitbuffs, we focus all our stability, strength, technical expertise and infrastructure to come up with smart solutions for business enterprises. We believe that in a competitive business world, any business that wants to stay alive in the game must show its competitiveness, not only through good policies but also the proper infrastructure to meet the customers’ demands. The inclusion of software in a modern business is the masterpiece of success. At Bitbuffs, we understand all aspects of software for business and have a team of technical consultants and developers to build any software that is specific to your own needs.

Unlike most conventional software development companies, Bitbuffs is proud of its large in-house talent that is complimented by on-demand availability of talent through our experienced IT staffing department. We iterate at a faster rate to deliver to your business on time and on budget software solutions.To ensure the success of our software, we carry out programming in pair, drive positive development through numerous tests, and continuously carry out integration of newly created functionality into existing software systems.

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